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Explorer Program

Explorer Program


What is the NLVPD Explorer Program all about?

The North Las Vegas Police Explorer Program is a youth organization affiliated with the National Boy Scout Learning for Life Program. The Explorer Program is designed to assist young adults that are preparing for their future and pursuing a career in law enforcement. The Explorer Program is built with a strong emphasis on education in the law enforcement career field and community service projects. Along with instructing Explorers in the understanding of all areas involved in a law enforcement profession, it is also our goal to build on the Explorers themselves. We do this by building on their self-esteem, maturity, discipline, and responsibility.

The Police Explorer Program consists of weekly meetings where the Explorers are exposed to a variety of law enforcement training, such as, CSI, SWAT Night, Courtroom Demeanor, Felony Car Stops, Criminal Law and much more. Special guest speakers, Police and Detention Officers, as well as College Professors teach the Explorer classes.

The NLVPD Explorers participate in local and out-of-state Police Explorer competitions. The Explorers also take educational and community service oriented field trips.


What do you wear in Explorers?

The Uniform is issued to you at no cost, but will remain the property of the NLVPD Police Explorer Program. You will receive:

-One long sleeve and one short sleeve Class A uniform shirt.

-One Class A uniform pants and one BDU uniform pants.

-One Explorer jacket

-Explorer Badge and Identification Card.

**Explorer’s will be required to acquire a duty belt and boots at their own expense.


When and where do Explorers meet?

The Explorer Program is a year round program and our meetings are each Wednesday evening from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The location of the weekly meeting may change occasionally, but are generally held at the North Las Vegas Justice Center located at 2332 Las Vegas Boulevard North (at the corner of Civic Center and LVBN) in North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030.

What are the benefits of becoming an Explorer?

You can use the hours you commit to the program to gain high school credits through your school’s outside credit program. You can also use the information and experience you gain from the program toward your aspirations to achieve a career in law enforcement.


Minimum Requirements:

-15-20 years of age.

-You may not have any felony convictions. Misdemeanor citations, arrests, and/or convictions will be considered on a case by case basis.

-You cannot be a gang member, prior member, or associate with any gang or gang members.

-A 2.0 or higher grade point average if the Explorer is in high school.

-Attend Weekly Meetings without interruption.

-Wear the issued uniform.

-Must be able to follow a strict set of rules and guidelines.

-For more information, please contact Sergeant S. Salkoff at 702-633-1813 or send us a contact form.